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Surviving Your First Apartment: Checklist for Moving Out

Surviving Your First Apartment: Checklist for Moving Out

Planning to move out for the first time can be an exciting and scary experience at the same time. That’s because most Americans plan to move out for the first time at 19, starting with a limited budget and little income. 

Thus, you need to prepare carefully because acquiring your new apartment essentials can get quite expensive. A strict first apartment checklist can help you stick to immediate needs and avoid straining your budget with things you don’t need.

First Apartment Essentials

Below, we give you a rundown of basic first apartment essentials. We also include things you may not need so that you can learn how to prepare to move out for the first time.


You’ll rarely have the cash for takeouts. So, you need to buy as many kitchen essentials as possible to make use of your new kitchen from the get-go.

Make sure you purchase the basics, like a pot & pan, drinking glasses & a mug, plates & bows, baking sheet, cutting board, garbage can, forks, knives, spoons, spatula, mixing bowl, etc.

Things you may not need: microwave, hand mixer, food processor, serving dishes, toaster oven, etc

Cleaning supplies

The urge to keep your new apartment clean is natural, hence the need to shop for basic cleaning supplies.

The most important ones include a broom, sponges, garbage bags, dustpan, bucket, mop, laundry & dishwasher detergents,  hand soap, liquid dish soap, etc

Things you may not need: furniture polish, microfiber sweeper, and fancy vacuum.


You need somewhere to sit and comfortably eat your dinner or do remote work if you work from home. Basic furniture items you need include a coffee table, chairs, desk, and curtains.


Things that can wait: side tables, decor, TV, decorative pillows, woofer, sofas, etc

Bedroom items

Quality sleep is important. Basic bedroom items that should be on your first apartment checklist include a mattress, sheets, a pillow, duvet & duvet cover, plastic organizers, hangers, and a laundry hamper.


Things that can wait: bedside table, throw pillows, bed frame, etc

Bathroom items

There are several bathroom items that you need to have on your new apartment checklist. The basic ones are towels, a toilet brush, a trash can, toilet paper, a toothbrush & toothbrush holder, and other toiletries like toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, etc.

Things that you may not need: shower speaker, fancy soap dispenser, water cup, etc.

Food items

Food should be a top-mind necessity in the list of your new apartment essentials. And, there’re so many food items that you can buy to stock your pantry. 

The basic items you need include flour, sugar, rice, cereal, bread, salt, cooking oil, snack food, grains, and pasta sauce, among others. You also need milk, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and maybe, some meat/poultry.

Things that can wait: For the start, you can put off buying expensive food spices, and frozen food items. A fringe and a Freezer can also wait.

First aid items

In the process of moving out, you may get slight injuries or catch a cough or cold as you adapt to the new environment. Thus, you may need to buy a simple first aid kit and some wellness products to treat yourself.

What about Renter’s Insurance?

Though it’s not a legal requirement, some landlords may require renter’s insurance before they can let you in. It is a type of property insurance that protects a renter against the following events within the dwelling place:

  • Loss of personal belongings due to theft, fire, etc
  • Bodily injury and property damage done by you, your pets, or a family member
  • Additional living expenses if you need to temporarily live somewhere else after a disastrous event.
  • Liability claims filed against you and legal defense costs

Premiums rates range between $15 to $20, and engaging the services of an independent insurance agent can help you save time and lock in a lower rate.

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